Complete your commuters MBA in the comfort of your car and maximize the time you spend traveling.

Ready to Learn What MBAs Learn At Business School?

Now you can get the exact same knowledge taught in business schools on your daily commute. Over the course of 4 semesters, get the training that you’ve been looking for in Marketing, Leadership, Communication, Project Management, and more from 10 of the most common courses found in MBA programs.

Learn How To Grow A Business.

Learn what it really takes to grow a business, increase profits and maximize all the resources available to you in an organization.

Have The Confidence To Lead.

Learn the business terminology and business strategies that you need to confidently tackle any deal, meeting, or large-scale business project.

Benefit from courses With More Substance.

Switch from fly by night webinars on the new "Internet marketing secrets" and come back to time tested techniques that have built multiple fortune 500 companies.

Add More Value To Your Organization.

The Commuters MBA equips you with the business knowledge you need to add value to your organization at any level.

Upgrade And Get Recognized.

Make it clear that you can be trusted to lead, and can handle bigger responsibilities with your new-found business training

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Your MBA Curriculum

Semester 1

Management and Leadership
Core Concepts of Marketing
Communicating With Each Other At Work

Semester 2

Human Resources Management
Project Management

Semester 3

Operations Management
Finance And Accounting

Semester 4

Statistics And Data

"A study by the University of Southern California revealed that if you live in a metropolitan area and drive 12,000 miles a year you can acquire the equivalent of two years of college education in three years’ time by listening to educational information in your car. Since the average American adult spends from two hundred to seven hundred hours each year in an automobile, this is good news" Zig Ziglar

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